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Pageants & Talent Show Prep

Wagner Dance & Music offers special packages to help prepare students for the "Talent" portion of Beauty Pageants. If your child is interested in competing in a pageant or other talent show these dance packages will help prepare them. Work with professional choreographers and dance teachers to tune your child's talent to show their best. For more information call us at 480-892-7179.

Talent Preparation Packages

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Intro Package - $89
Initial consultation - coach runway walk, discuss talent options and rehearse your routine. One rehearsal.

Package #1 - $200
Choreography & 2 Rehearsals - learn choreography & rehearse. You provide your own edited music.

Package #2 - $275
Choreography: We will create your competition piece using your style and skill level – we build on your strengths and energy. 3 rehearsals will include unbiased feedback on your performance.

Music Search/Editing: After making a song selection editing is the first most important thing to do. Music editing allows you, the dancer, to ensure that your song still holds the same significance once it’s been cut.

Costume Consultation: We help you in choosing the right costume. Ideally you want to find something that looks great on you and helps you sparkle onstage as you perform your beautiful dance. Your costume will be evaluated during your dress rehearsal.

Package #3 - $325 & up
Props & Choreo: All of the above PLUS we will design and produce your on stage prop. (Size and materials of props determine cost.)

Call 480-892-7179 for more information

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